PowerGas aims to be the first virtual fuel stock market in the Philippines. An application that offers timely solutions as the prices of oil commodities in the global market continue to rise.

PowerGas allows businesses to find and pre-purchase fuel at the best price from partner gas stations within their location. The fuel can be stored and accessed when needed and shared to members of the organization.

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How it works

Operates much like a 'Trade Market' in that it matches legitimate Buyers with legitimate Sellers and verifies all fuels posted for sale along with the financial and logistics capabilities of all Buyers on the exchange Sellers that each side is capable of closing on a transaction.

Discover, Connect, Purchase

Searching and buying fuel had never been this easy. Easily find the right consumer or seller for your subsequent fueling without hassle. Then, explore thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, connect with them and buy.

List, Connect, Sell

Take your business online and showcase your products and service offerings to targeted customers. Efficiently market and bring in more leads for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Target Market

Bus, Jeepney, Taxi, Truck Fleets

Companies with large fleets are seeking discounted fuel to ensure higher profitability.

Fuel Retailers

Individuals / Businesses that want to earn a profit from pre-ordered fuel.

Farming Industry

Farming is one of the most significant consumers of fossil fuels.


Buy & Sell

Leverage a powerful eCommerce platform to buy and sell fuel around the Philippines. Easily browse or list fuel deals on a single platform.

Network Building

Chat with your prospective buyer or seller, and build a positive relationship before making the transaction. Quickly grow and expand your business paradigms.



Conduct business securely and transparently, without hassle. Seamless platform that enables the right business environment for the fuel market.

Loyalty Rewards System

Creating Loyal Users through a dynamic rewards system that keeps our users engaged.