Power IoT Solutions pioneers a new era of digitalization across industries and reducing the complexity of hardware IP, software platforms, AI-enhanced intelligence, end-to-end security, and development platforms and tools through IoT based technologies

Power Apps were developed to maximize efficiency in business management without exhausting the available resources. Everything you need in one company, from platforms, hardware, to the backend support and manpower, we provide solutions to even your future problems. Moving away from the world of consumer-facing electronics and apps and veering into B2B territory, Power IoT will establish its domain as the leading IoT Solutions provider for corporations in various sectors.

We believe in the power of superb tech engineering, radical entrepreneurial thinking, creative visions, and rigorous execution. 

Power Apps for Businesses

Everything you need to manage your fleet, from GPS tracking device to telematics system

Automated fare collection system leveraged by a contactless smart card with IC or NFC chip

Tap-to-pay card that provides more security and availability

One stop app that has all your transportation needs

The virtual fuel tank you can fill in advance and delivered anytime and anywhere

Online bus ticket booking service trusted by over hundreds of operators and happy customers locally

Custom-sized boxes with secure tracking for worry-free deliveries

Open Source Online Cloud Based Educational Management System for University, College & School.

Monitor the agricultural fields remotely and assess the basic condition of the field

Versatile service robot designed to assist in various commercial settings such as restaurants, shops and malls 

Highly customizable point of sale software that streamlines sales, inventory management, and customer data tracking

Create a digital wallet or add electronic asset accounting to your product with flexible and scalable software

Seamlessly manage your finances anytime, anywhere with advanced security and user-friendly features

A secure and robust platform that connects devices to the internet and ensure that you remain online without interruption

Experience the future of aerial services with our IoT-enabled drone solution

Simplifies daily operations with features like online booking, housekeeping scheduling, and inventory management